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              Website Credits

              Design & Implementation

              Pablo Vazquez
              Francesco Siddi

              System Administration

              Dan McGrath
              Sergey Sharybin


              Ton Roosendaal

              Additional Credits

              Space image by Aidy Burrows & Gleb Alexandrov
              Header background image by Andy Goralczyk
              Blender ‘favicon’ image by Jakub Steiner
              Layout tweaks and fixes by Scott Petrovic
              Content migration support by Peter Carrero

              Found an issue on blender.org?

              Please report any website-related bugs on developer.blender.org, setting the tag to Infrastructure: Blender.Org (not BF Blender).


              Web servers by Dell EMC
              Internet bandwidth by XS4ALL

              External Download Mirrors

              With over 8 million downloads per year, we thank the following mirrors for providing fast Blender downloads around the globe:

              Website Content License

              Unless specified otherwise, the content on this website is available to share and use under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license.

              Attribution: Blender Foundation – www.50chiyou.com

              Artwork created with Blender on this site might require? crediting of the artists too – this then is clearly marked as such. If you have questions about using material of blender.org, contact foundation at blender.org.

              Privacy Statement

              Blender Foundation is committed to protect your privacy on blender.org. No third party will track you here.?You will not find third-party advertisements on any blender.org website.

              Read the full Privacy Policy.



              The official Blender release is now being downloaded over 16K times per day, half a million times per month, for a total of 6.5 million times last year.

              Read the announcement

              Geographic overview of of Blender website visitors.


              Download a Google Analytics pdf with one year?download?stats of the Sept 2015 – Sept 2016 period.?

              6 million unique downloads!

              Summary: About?7M download events were registered (6M unique). In that period we did three releases. (release candidates and test builds are not monitored?via this analytics, only actual releases).


              Google Analytics overview of a month (April) of Blender downloads.
              We serve almost half a million downloads per month!


              Since mid 2008, the blender.org domains run on 5 servers, with a monthly traffic of about 8 TB.

              Time for new download stats!

              • download.blender.org, 01-2008 to 01-2009, 59 TB transfered, in average 32% is binaries,?1.57M Blender downloads
              • USA mirror, mirror.cs.umn.edu, 04-2008 to 04-2009, 20 TB transferred,?1.48M?binaries.
              • German mirror, blendertestbuilds.de, 05-2008 to 05-2009, 17 TB transfered,?240k?binaries (mirror also does movies).
              • Asian mirror, xenoncore.net,?90k?downloads
              • graphicall.org, testing builds,?90k?per year.

              This means that downloads via blender.org are over?3.4 Million?per year.

              Further you can find Blender on many sharing sites, such as download.com, majorgeeks.com, apphit.comm, filehippo.com, freewarefiles.com, softpedia.com…

              Lots of thanks to our mirrors! :)

              Ton Roosendaal
              Amsterdam, April 2009


              The Blender website is being visited by so many people that we can’t find time to process the website statistic files… with traffic peeks of 1.5 TB per month, these stats files just are too large to digest easily.

              Over the period of july 2004 to june 2005 we did count the download stats though, and with no full stats available of the American and Australian mirrors we already counted:

              over 1.8 Million Blender downloads the past year!

              Only in the first week of the release of Blender 2.37 we counted over a quarter million already. :)

              You can view the sheet with stats here.?It also contains information about the amount of Windows, OSX and Linux versions loaded from our site.

              Amsterdam, July 28th 2005.
              Blender Foundation, Angela Plohman.