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              Tracker Curfew 1717 1998 Issues

              The graph below displays the open confirmed bugs and untriaged reports (updated daily). All the core Blender developers will dedicate 2 days of their schedule every week exclusively to the bug and patch tracker until we reach our goal of 200 open issues.

              To see the open issues in the bug tracker visit developer.blender.org.

              Press Releases

              User Stories

              Current Release

              Blender 2.81a
              Download · What’s New?

              Upcoming Releases

              Blender 2.82


              BETA · Bcon 5 – preparing release

              Expected 13th February 2020

              Download · Schedule

              Blender 2.83


              ALPHA · Bcon 1 – New features & changes

              Expected May 2020

              Download · Schedule

              About Release Cycles